Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shorecrest & Shorewood compete in The Social Experiment

The latest Shorecrest/Shorewood competion: "The Social Experiment"

Shoreline School District video production teachers, Trent Mitchell
from Shorecrest and Marty Ballew from Shorewood, who brought us the
famous lip dub videos a year ago, are back with a new competition. In
"The Social Experiment," participating students from both schools will
be expected to give up their social networks for a week—no texting,
cell phones, Facebook, etc., between Monday, December 6 and Saturday,
December 11.

They're anticipating over 200 students who will participate. Check out
the awesome news coverage from KOMO here:

Shorecrest and Shorewood video students will compete to see who makes
the best documentary about the experience.

If you would love to support this effort in bringing awareness to how
dependent teens are with social networking as their main form of
socializing then please contact Debi Olson at