Friday, February 29, 2008

Free walking map of Shoreline

Detail of the Walking Map of Shoreline

"The City of Shoreline has teamed up with Seattle & King County Public Health to create the first walking map of Shoreline."

It looks like most of the "walking" paths highlighted are the main streets, which have the most traffic. I don't exactly agree with that choice. I'm guessing those streets were chosen maybe because they have sidewalks? At any rate, it's a pretty nice street map of Shoreline.

You can download it here (pdf).

Okay, now go for a walk! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shoreline's best dive bar?

In response to my post earlier this week looking for Shoreline's best restaurants, an anonymous commenter said "I'm thinking it's easier to list your favorite dive. I fondly vote for the Cabin!"

As it stands, I have to vote for Darrell's Tavern - just south of Fred Meyer on Aurora - it's the only dive bar in Shoreline I'm familiar with. But the last time I was there it had a kick-ass jukebox and pinball machine. What more do you need?

Please vote for your favorite(s) in the comment section.

What's the fate of our old recycling bins?

In a lot off the north east side of 152nd and 15th I spotted what appears to be a recycling bin graveyard. This photo was taken today.

Click the photo for a closer view

I've recently been wondering about the fate of our "old" recycling bins.

When the new bins showed up it was clear that they were the exact size and shape as the old ones. Did we have to get new bins just because a new company is taking over Shoreline's recycling? And, as this photo seems to suggest - are the old bins just going to be trashed? I mean, really. Dumpsters full of recycling bins?

Is that ironic?

If you have any information about this, please let me know.

Update: an anonymous commenter says "Waste Management picks them up, cleans them up and reuses them. If they are no longer reuseable, they will be recycled.The new bins are made of 40% recycled content, the most of any current bins available."

Posted earlier: Recycling changes coming March 1st

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Interurban Trail through Shoreline

The Interurban Trail now passes all the way through Shoreline (as of September 2007). Coming up from the south, it pretty much runs alongside Highway 99 until it reaches N. 185th St., at which point it jogs east a bit then runs along the east edge of Echo Lake. Then at 200th it goes even further east before it runs up into Snohomish County.

Here are a few photos I took last week. The Interurban Trail plaque in Shoreline (and the bench next to it) and the view from that bench. There is a photo of the view straight ahead and a short video panorama of the view panning from north to south.

The plaque - set in stone!

And you thought there weren't any sidewalks in Shoreline! :)
This photo is looking south.

A bench conveniently located next to the plaque-stone.

The view from the bench. Scenic, eh?

Panorama view from the bench next to the plaque in the stone.
We start out looking north then pan to the south.

More info about the Shoreline section of the Interurban Trail is here.

A map of the Interurban Trail is here (pdf)

Link to: All posts about the Interurban Trail

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shoreline's best restaurants?

My favorite Shoreline restaurants are Spiro's (excellent pizza in a family restaurant atmosphere), Pho 99 (yummy soup and inexpensive), and the new(ish) Thai Bistro (great food and very nice dining environment).

That being said, I must admit that I don't eat out in Shoreline a whole heck of a lot.

So what great restaurant(s) am I missing out on? Which are your favorite restaurants in Shoreline? Post your choices in the comment section. And please hurry - I'm getting hungry! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good day, sunshine

It's a beautiful, sunny day in Shoreline. Just ask these happy birdies!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Native Dance Performance, Saturday Feb 23

David Boxley and the Git-hoan Native Dance Group are performing Saturday, Feb 23rd at 7:30 pm at the Shorecrest Performing Arts Center in Shoreline.

"This is an incredibly visual show with stunning dance numbers, song and storytelling. These dancers will mesmerize you with their energy and the stories will give you a peek into the history and culture of the Tsmishian Native peoples."

Find more info and ticket information here.

Protect your car - get "The Club" at a discount

From the City of Shoreline's website:

The Shoreline Police Department is making it easier for Shoreline residents to protect themselves against car theft. On November 1, the department began selling an anti-theft steering wheel device to residents at a reduced cost of $11 (tax included), or $15 (tax included) for the larger truck model. The device sells for $35 or more at retail stores.

The Club makes vehicles undriveable by locking onto the steering wheel to prevent it from turning. It can be attached in seconds each time you park.

The Club may be purchased at the Shoreline Police Station, 1206 N. 185th St. (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), or at the Eastside Storefront, 521 NE 165th St. (206) 363-8424, or the Westside Storefront, 624 Richmond Beach Road, (206) 546-3636.

More info and details can be found here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What do you think about Comcast Cable?

The city of Shoreline wants your input.
There's a survey here.

City of Shoreline makes history!

NEWS RELEASE: February 21, 2008

Shoreline Boasts First Female Korean-American Mayor

When Shoreline City Councilmembers selected the Mayor and Deputy Mayor in January, they knew they were setting new history for the City. What they didn’t realize was that they were also setting national history.

Shoreline’s new Mayor, Cindy Ryu, is the first female Korean-American mayor in the United States, according to Don T. Nakanishi, Ph.D., Director and Professor of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. Mayor Ryu is the first Korean-American mayor in Shoreline and Deputy Mayor Terry Scott is the first African-American to serve on the Shoreline City Council. The City of Shoreline, Washington, is located just north of Seattle and incorporated in 1995.

“I am proud to serve on a City Council that reflects our diverse community,” says Mayor Ryu. “I’m looking forward to bringing our various viewpoints together to make the best decisions for the whole community.”

The Asian media were the first to note Mayor Ryu’s achievement; she is being featured in many publications across the country including Korea Times, The Korea Daily, Seattle Chinese Post, Northwest Asian Weekly, Christianity Daily, and Media Daum.

Mayor Cindy Ryu was elected to the Shoreline City Council in 2005. After moving to Washington State in 1969, she has lived in the Puget Sound area since 1976. She married in and has lived in or near Shoreline the past 25 years where her children attended local public schools. Mayor Ryu has a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in microbiology and immunology and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Washington. She has worked in the public and private sectors, insurance sales and service, and health care. Besides serving as president of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, she served on the Shoreline Bond Advisory Committee, Council of Neighborhoods and Richmond Beach Community Association Board.

Deputy Mayor Terry Scott was elected to the Shoreline City Council in 2007. A 10-year resident of Shoreline, Deputy Mayor Scott is a Physician Assistant faculty member at the University of Washington MEDEX program. He is a primary care provider and has practiced in rural and urban settings in Washington. He has served as President to the Washington State Academy of Physician Assistants; Delegate to The American Academy of Physician Assistants House of Delegates, UW Graduate Medical Education Committee; Dean's Strategic Leadership Conference; and Vice Chair of Shoreline’s Housing Advisory Committee.

Shoreline's seven elected part-time City Councilmembers choose a Mayor and Deputy Mayor every two years from among their members at the first meeting of the new year following an odd-year election. The Mayor presides at Council meetings and represents the City at ceremonial functions and inter-governmental meetings. The Deputy Mayor presides in the Mayor's absence.

With nearly 53,000 residents, Shoreline is Washington's 15th largest city. Located amid the natural beauty of Western Washington 15 miles north of downtown Seattle, Shoreline combines urban opportunities with suburban convenience and comfort. Shoreline boasts a rich history, abundant and spectacular parks, strong neighborhoods, a highly-respected school district and vibrant business community.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Share your Shoreline photos on this website

As much as we love living in Shoreline and writing this blog, it is simply not possible for us to be everywhere all the time, or even to know about everything that's going on. That's where you can help out! :)

If you see something interesting in Shoreline or attend a community event (concert, school event, festival, ballgame, etc.), we'd love it if you'd share your photos with us so we can post them for all to enjoy.

Anytime you have some interesting photos of Shoreline people places or things you'd like to share with the community, please send them to us by email! The address is

If you do send photos, we'll assume you don't mind us publishing them on the web. Of course, you retain all rights to your photos and you will be credited.

Bernard and Sonya

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New public art in Shoreline

Photos taken at the new recycling and transfer station in Shoreline. The big tires have speakers in their middles that broadcast nature sounds like frogs, wind and the ocean. The next photo is a close-up of part of the informational display they have there. It's a river-shaped mosaic made out of pieces of glass.

Here's a short video of the "singing tires" (as I like to call them)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fiery sunrise this morning

The view from Shoreline

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shoreline's new environmentally friendly recycling station

King County issued a news release today. Here's a couple of quotes and a link to the original:

Shoreline area residents will soon drop off their garbage at arguably the most environmentally friendly recycling and solid waste facilities in the nation and a model for what King County hopes to accomplish in green building at all its facilities.

  • A roof-top rainwater harvesting system collects water to wash station floors and equipment, and to flush toilets. This reduces water needs by 57 percent, saving 254,000 gallons of drinking water every year.
  • The facility uses natural daylight as the primary light source through the translucent wall panels and overhead skylights, reducing energy costs by 50 percent a year.
  • A natural ventilation system pushes air through the building, reducing energy needs for ventilation by 80 percent.
The entire news release is here
More images here
Radio story from KUOW 94.9 here

Call for Artists :: Deadline Feb. 22, 2008

From the City of Shoreline's website:

Ridgecrest Neighborhood Banners Call for Artists
The Ridgecrest Neighborhood in the City of Shoreline invites local artists to submit sketches for banners to be located on light poles on 5th Avenue NE. The goal is to create neighborhood identity and a more visually interesting and welcoming streetscape in the community. The artist whose design is selected will receive a $100 honorarium and public recognition. This project is funded by a Neighborhood Mini-Grant from the City of Shoreline. For more detail, click on view the prospectus.

Deadline: February 22, 2008
Information: Ros Bird, Public Art Coordinator,

Bald Eagle soaring over Shoreline today

I was walking past Ronald Bog this morning at about 10:30, when I noticed this bald eagle soaring above me! It would circle around a few times then fly off a bit and circle again then fly off a bit then circle again. It seemed to be working very methodically, going almost street by street. Looking for prey perhaps? Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool. I kept hoping it would swoop down closer so I could get a really good photo, but this is the best I could do. Have you seen bald eagles in Shoreline? If so, when and where?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Round and round

These things seem to have sprouted up all over Shoreline.
What are your thoughts?

All hail our new traffic circle overlords! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Latest caucus results as of this morning

It's 8:46am. The WA State Democratic Party website has the caucus results broken down by jurisdiction. The "King/Snohomish - 32nd Legislative District", of which Shoreline is a part, breaks down like this:

Clinton: 34% and 342 delegates
Obama: 64.61% and 650 delegates
Other: .2% and 2 delegates
Uncommited: 1.19% and 12 delegates

I can't find the breakdown by jurisdiction for the Republican side, but this is the latest from their website (these are statewide numbers) with just over 87% of precincts having reported:

Huckabee: 23.7 %
McCain: 25.5 %
Paul: 20.6 %
Romney: 16.5 %
Other: 1.1 %
Uncommitted: 12.7 %

By the way, I like the fact that you can caucus for anyone you want, even if they're not in the running. Hey, who's that one guy over there in the corner all by himself? Oh him? He's caucusing for Uncle Jim.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Huckabee, McCain & Paul. In that order?

Last I heard, Huckabee was slightly ahead in WA, just a bit ahead of McCain. With Ron Paul a close third. Did you attend a GOP caucus today? What happened where you were?

Update: at 9:48pm, Seattle P-I is showing McCain ahead with 26% to Huckabee's 24% and Ron Paul's 21%.

Obama has 68% compared to Clinton's 31%. Zowee!

Word is, Obama took WA

Last I heard, via NPR news, Obama is predicted to take WA state by about 2 to 1, overall.

Wow. Is that what happened here in Shoreline?

Did you caucus?

Did you caucus today? If so, let us all know what it was like. Where did you go? How did you feel when got there? How were you treated? Who did you caucus for? Was there much lobbying? How did it all pan out? Who did you caucus for? Who came out ahead at your location? Shoreline wants to know!!

Recycling &Transfer station re-opens Feb 16th

Finally! The Shoreline transfer station is re-opening on February 16, 2008. It's been nearly 2 years since it was closed for "remodeling". But the new, improved transfer station will be ready to accept your recyclables a mere week from today.

Check out this webpage for more info: Shoreline Recycling & Transfer Station

Also, there's going to be art there! You may want to go out of your way to see it, lest it suffer the fate of the tree that fell in the forest: Project Art at the Shoreline Transfer Station

Caucus day in Shoreline!

Because I work for the local media, I have been strongly encouraged by my news director to not participate in today's caucus, to avoid any appearance of bias on the part of our news organization (because one must publicly declare their allegiance at the caucus). So I'm not at the caucus. But the caucus locations for both Republicans and Democrats are right down the street from where I live, so I took a stroll down there to see what was happening and man, what a scene! I've never seen such activity on a dreary Saturday afternoon. Cars are parked all up and down all the sidestreets. And even at 1:20pm people were still looking for parking spaces and walk-running up to the doors of the caucus sites. (the caucuses were scheduled to start at 1pm) Such excitiment! The GOP is holding their caucus at the Aurora Church of the Nazarene. The Democrats are holding theirs at Meridian Park Elementary School. These locations are directly across the street from one another. And let me reiterate: GOP in a church, Dems in a school. Funny, huh? Anyway, I took a few photos. Enjoy.

I don't know if you can tell, but these folks are in a rush.

The Republican caucus is being held in a church.

Seen in the parking lot at the GOP caucus.

Seen in the parking lot at the GOP caucus. Huckabee! How will he fare today, I wonder?

As amazing as it might seem, this was seen in the parking lot of the GOP caucus. I reckon this car belongs to a Ron Paul supporter.

Here's where the Democratic caucus is happening. Obama sign. No sign of Hillary signs.

This is Tim. He was standing on the corner at 175th and Meridian with his Obama sign.

These folks stopped to ask Tim how to get a sign like his. Tim said they have been in great demand for weeks and there are no more available. Then he told these people they better hurry up and get inside or they were going to be late (which they already were, technically)

Recycling changes coming March 1st

From the City of Shoreline's website:

"Shoreline's new garbage and recycling service provider, CleanScapes, will begin delivering residential carts the week of Jan. 21. For more details, watch your mail for the green CleanScapes postcard and read the information packet attached to your new cart. New service begins March 1. "

More info here: CleanScapes