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If you care about the potential impacts from Point Wells redevelopment on the quality of life in our neighborhood, THESE ARE MEETINGS AND HEARINGS WHERE YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Below is a list of public meetings that represent the initial steps toward real action on Point Wells redevelopment. That means you are invited to attend and give your comments to those who will decide at upcoming hearings and meeting.



Shoreline Planning Commission
Thursday, January 20, 2011
7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers at Shoreline City Hall
17500 Midvale Avenue North



The City of Shoreline has listened to the concerns about traffic and safety in our neighborhood and is taking action. They have proposed an amendment to the City's comprehensive plan for the Point Wells subarea which would limit traffic on Richmond Beach Drive. For details see:

The City is encouraging interested persons to provide oral and/or written comments at an open record public hearing.

If you agree that traffic on Richmond Beach Drive should be limited because it is a narrow, dead-end street with no sidewalks and is not appropriate for large volumes of traffic write a letter supporting the proposed change.

This may be your only opportunity to submit written comments, including comments on the environmental impacts of the proposal. Written comments must be received at the address listed below before 5:00 p.m. on January 19, 2011. Please mail, fax (206) 801-2788 or deliver comments to the City of Shoreline, Attn: Steven Szafran, AICP 17500 Midvale Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133 or email to

You can also make your comments in person at the public hearing.

This hearing will address one of the big issues with Point Wells:
How can the developer use such a narrow, local road as the only entrance to new development with an estimated 3,500 dwellings and 100,000 sq. ft. commercial space?
At this time the answer is: There is currently no restriction on the use of the road to Point Wells through the Richmond Beach corridor (the corridor includes the entire length of road connecting the gate at Point Wells to Aurora). While it is true Richmond Beach Road has four lanes in some sections, the last segment of the corridor before the entrance to Point Wells, Richmond Beach Drive, is a narrow, two-lane road. The City is looking at changing the classification of this street. In doing so they may also control the amount of traffic allowed into or out of Point Wells. This change has the potential to reduce the amount of traffic allowed on this street by half. Come see what the Shoreline Planning Commission has to say and tell them what you think about the City's proposal to reclassify Richmond Beach Drive from a "collector arterial" to a "neighborhood local" road.



Point Wells Developer's Neighborhood Meeting
Thursday, January 27, 2011
6:00 p.m.
Shoreline Center
18560 1st Avenue NE



The Developer has stated that at this meeting they will reveal what they intend to build. The upcoming Neighborhood Meeting by the developer is a formal requirement toward an application to build at Point Wells. This will be your first opportunity to see what they have in mind.

Seating begins at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium, with presentations by key members of the developer's project team starting at 6:30.

A moderator will facilitate a question and answer session to follow, with written questions submitted by the public at the event or in advance at The written comments will be summarized and included in the application submittal to Snohomish County. Currently, SnoCo holds sole authority to grant permission to the developer to build at Point Wells.

This meeting is part of the formal process to get a building permit. Just what will the owner propose for master site plan application to Snohomish County? Such an application is sought for permission to develop a property based on conceptual parameters of land use, density, and utilization of adjacent services, to name a few.

BSRE has stated that their presentations will include: preliminary conceptual layout and design; the proposed mix of land uses; proposed building heights and floor area ratio; and public open space and access considerations. Presentations will also include conceptual landscape and habitat restoration plans; planned remediation of the site; conceptual sustainability features; public use features and amenities planned; traffic analyses planning to date and proposed transit features.


3) Status Update

Growth Management Board
City of Shoreline, Town of Woodway and SRB Appeals
On-going process

* Hearing Merits of Petition
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
10:00 a.m.
Location TBD

* Final Decision and Order Deadline

April 25, Time and Location TBD

Note: There will be no public comment at this hearings


The merits of the Appeal to the Urban Center Designation by Shoreline, Woodway, and Save Richmond Beach are being considered by the Growth Management Hearings Board as we write. Basically, this effort represents probably one of the last straws of hope that we in Shoreline may control this project locally, by pointing out the many difficulties with SnoCo's decision to allow the scale of development associated with an Urban Center at Point Wells. If it gets down to this appeal, we can use all hands on deck at the hearings to help get the point across – POINT WELLS IS A CUL-DE-SAC, NOT A TRANSIT-ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT (TOD). Feel free to Google the latter for a clear definition of what seems intended by SnoCo's Urban Center code.

Please come to these meetings and/or write to your local officials by the deadlines (see the City website for details), to make the difference only you can.

For more information:

The Developer BSRE
Save Richmond Beach:
City of Shoreline:


Resources for Information on Point Wells

RBCA Point Wells Web Page

Shoreline Planning Commission Web site for Point Wells

Save Richmond Beach

A community driven non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Richmond Beach neighborhood through responsible and sustainable planning.



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