Monday, April 21, 2008

Possible changes to Metro bus route #373

Metro is proposing a change to bus route 373. The upshot is that the bus would run down 5th Avenue instead of I-5 between 175th and 145th. There would be only three stops on that leg of the journey. Metro says the change would "improve schedule reliability."

I ride the 373 and I like this idea. I've often wished the bus went down 5th Ave instead of I-5, so that I could get off at the Shoreline library after work, then walk home from there.

What do you think? Your feedback is requested by Ted Day at 206-684-1304 or by Friday, May 9th.

If you ride the 373, feel free to comment on this post. I'm curious what others think of the idea.


  1. I think making more stops in Shoreline instead of hopping on and off I-5 makes good sense.

    However the 373 should make far fewer stops between 145th and the U-district, as people living there also can take the 73 to get to UW. As it stands it is not much of an "express" experience.

  2. That is an excellent point. I agree.

  3. I also agree. Since the bus will add a few more stops by running down 5th Ave, then I propose a few more stops be eliminated possibly between 65th and 80th?

  4. I just rode the 373 from Aurora Village to the U-District today during the morning rush hour.

    Between 145th and 47th St NE exactly one person got off. Which means that almost all the time spent stopping during that 100-block span was devoted to picking up people headed to the UW, people who could be riding the 73 anyway.

    Please write Mr. Day at by May 9th and express your opinion about the proposed changes.