Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Champion Tree Contest Open to Private Properties in Shoreline

Thanks to Diane Hettrick for this information:

Shoreline's Community Wildlife Habitat Project is once again looking
for a few big trees. We want to find the champion trees in
Shoreline's neighborhoods. While last year's contest was limited to
trees within our park system, this year property owners can nominate
their own trees. The contest, which takes place within the City of
Shoreline and runs from Earth Day to Labor Day, will increase
awareness of the storm water runoff services, habitat value and beauty
mature native trees provide for our urban forest canopy.

Champions are determined by an international system of measurement
using height, circumference and crown spread for each species. If it's
the biggest tree when compared to other trees of the same species,
then it's a champion To learn. more about how a tree becomes a
champion please visit:

Funded by an Environmental Mini-Grant from the King County Natural
Resource Stewardship Network, the goal of the contest is to locate and
map the locations of our Champion Trees so everyone can appreciate
them. Shoreline's Community Wildlife Habitat Project (sponsored by
Sustainable Shoreline Education Assoc) has organized this contest to
increase awareness of and appreciation for all the benefits mature
native trees bring to us every day.

The Sustainable Shoreline Education Assoc (SSEA) website has all the
information you need to nominate a tree at

Or your can contact Barbara, 206-542-3242 or guthdall@msn.com or Boni
at birdsbeesfishtrees@gmail.com

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