Monday, September 29, 2008

October 1st deadline for off-leash area comments!

Shoreline dog owners: did you know that in 2006 Shoreline residents passed a Parks Bond measure designating $150,000 for the creation of an off-leash dog park system? And two years later, we still have no off-leash areas.

There are some 12,000 dogs in Shoreline. And while all of our neighboring communities have off-leash dog areas, Shoreline does not (even though we have the bond money to build one). Off-leash parks allow dogs to socialize with each other, and learn to interact better with other dogs and with humans. They give elderly and disabled folks a place to safely exercise their companions
, and let dogs of all sizes get the kind of fun, intense exercise that keeps them healthy and living a long time. And they're a great place for humans to meet and make friends, too!

Local group is fighting to get the city to create off-leash parks in Shoreline, where dogs can run and play and socialize. But it's important to the process that the city hear from you, the public. There are six potential sites that have been identified; you can see them in this document from the city. You can join Shoredog's mailing list for updates and more information about the process by clicking here. Or, click here to send an email to Shoreline's city council members.

Additionally, to make sure your comments are heard, please take a moment to contact the park planner:

Maureen Colaizzi
(206) 801-2603 or (206) 546-0232 or

Link to more information about the off-leash project here.
Link to Shoredog site here.

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