Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Memories of growing up in Richmond Beach

I got a great email from Gary Sisson. He was searching for some photos online and came across my earlier post "They Used to Burn Ships at Richmond Beach" (link below). The post prompted Gary to share the following remembrances:

My name is Gary Sisson and I grew up in Richmond Beach during the 50's and 60's. I remember the long wooden keels radiating out from the point at the sand dune. There were still many ribs and floor timbers rising from the keels and rusty metal everywhere. I was there last Sunday with my son and showed him where we had lived and played. We lived in the grey house built in 1890 just uphill from the other old 2 story red one on the south side of 185th. Mr. Umbrite lived there first, then the Dorans.(in the red one). My dad was originally from Cape Cod and it was traditional there to paint one's chimney white with a black cap. My dad did this about 1960 and I see nobody has touched it. Pretty fun to see. I have thought about the ship burnings often, though it was apparently over by the time we arrived in about 1955. It was a wonderful playground. I was online looking for a photo I remember seeing long ago of the remains of the ships. I'm thinking of forging a front door latch from some old iron collected from the site. Imagine where it's been!.  Gary Sisson. Olga, (Orcas Island), Wa.

Thanks Gary! 

If anyone else has memories of Richmond Beach or Shoreline from "back in the day", please send them along so I can share them here.

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