Monday, June 22, 2009

Councilmember Janet Way running for re-election

From Janet's webpage:

Ever since December 2005, I’ve been working hard to make our Shoreline City government work for the people. We took the town by storm that winter, and have helped reshape the direction of Shoreline. Now the City is holding events and reaching out to the public to help determine our direction.

As you may know, I’ve championed environmental issues in our city and region, such as parks and open space, protecting streams and habitat, trees, healthy and livable community values and renewable energy. But I’ve worked on many other issues as well including, standing up for small business, quality development standards, saving Fircrest School, and good governance.

I pledge to continue working on many issues important to Shoreline residents and our region such as:

* More effective government, responsive to our citizens needs

* Policies that respect our diverse small business community

* Protect single family neighborhoods with sensible growth, family-safe streets, walkways and parks

* Smarter Aurora Corridor project and a practical and affordable City Hall

* Sound environmental stewardship

Link to Janet Way's website

"Shoreline Councilmember Janet Way wins case, gets name on ballot" (link to read the Seattle Times article)

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