Friday, June 12, 2009

Gardening supplies needed for Ballinger Homes in Shoreline

Morgan Moore says:

I am an AmeriCorps member creating a community garden for the Ballinger Homes Community. We have had many great donations and our project is well on its way, however there are still things we are missing.

We are looking for rain barrels, gardening tools, fluorescent fixture lights, seedling propagation mats, landscape fabric, rain barrels, burlap sacks,old screens, tools, wheelbarrows, lumber and seed flats or anything else garden related that you can spare.

The garden will consist of 20 raised beds for families, a children's garden, trellised beds and a worm compost.

Contact Morgan Moore:

Link to more info about Ballinger Homes

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  1. We ask God to help you and to continue this charity work
    Success when we hear from you all again