Saturday, October 4, 2008

One less crosswalk in Shoreline?
Apparently so.

By October 10th, the crosswalk that crosses 175th at Wallingford (to Meridian Park School), is slated to be dismantled. If you use this crosswalk or have questions or concerns, you can call Shoreline Traffic Services at 206-801-2430. But, as you can see, the notices they've posted make it sound like a done deal. My concern in that folks impatient to cross the street here (and children are notoriously impatient), will take their chances and run for it anyway - without the protection of the flashing lights and crosswalk. In my opinion, removing this crosswalk could be a dangerous move by the City of Shoreline. What do you think? Post your comments to the 'COMMENTS' section below.

City notice posted at the crosswalk

The crosswalk in question

Somebody posted their own notice right next to the City's 'notice'


  1. That's a very busy crosswalk right before and after school. There's no way that all those people are going to walk to the corner.

  2. Wow, I see people crossing there all the time. I think the crosswalk lights are pretty effective -- I wish they had them on the crosswalk by Cromwell Park on Meridian!