Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Memories of Shoreline: Innis Arden

I copied the following text from the Innis Arden website (which indicates that they got it from the book "Shoreline Memories"). There are several more personal memories of Innis Arden on the Innis Arden website. Click the link below to read them and to see some interesting photos that show how Innis Arden area of Shoreline has changed over the years.

INNIS ARDEN (by C. A. Taylor)

Innis Arden was put on the market in October 1940. The Boeing Company bought the land from the Puget Mill Co (Pope and Talbot). The land had been logged off and was just plain stump land. Boeing cleared the land, laid out the streets and then plotted the first addition. The highest priced lots in October 1940 were $1,750.00 and some as low as $1,000, according to location. Hugh Russel was the sales agent on the ground. I asked Mr. Russel where they got the name "Innis Arden." He told me that it was named after Mrs. Boeing's girlhood home in Connecticut. The first homes built in Innis Arden were near the entrance at Innis Arden Drive and Richmond Beach Road. (click here to read more)

From Shoreline Memories by the Shoreline Historical Society, 1975

"Shoreline Memories" (vols I & II) compiles oral histories of Shoreline WA. It is available for purchase at the Shoreline Historical Museum.

Link to Innis Arden website (more history in words and photos)

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