Friday, March 20, 2009

Review of Flying Dragon Chinese restaurant by 2Grandmas2

Here's an exerpt from a review of a new restaurant in Shoreline (Flying Dragon Chinese Cuisine), followed by a link to read the entire review at the 2Grandmas2 blog.

We have a new Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood has reacted ecstatically.

The food is excellent, there is no MSG, the couple who run it are welcoming, and if you go in and sit down, you will feel a calm settle upon you. Clearly, attention was paid to
feng shui; the effects are evident throughout. The phone number is not neglected, either. 8 is a lucky number in China: The phone number for the Flying Dragon is 206-533-8888. All numbers are eights or add up to eight. Attention was clearly paid to detail.

Link to read the entire review at 2GRANDMAS2 for more about the decor, service, prices and location.

Link Flying Dragon Chinese Cuisine

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