Saturday, November 1, 2008

City of Shoreline has new website & new web address

The City's website has a new look
and a new web address (URL)

The City of Shoreline has a new, totally redesigned website. I've poked around it a little bit and so far I like what I see. It seems a lot more user-friendly than the 'old' design. And it's a lot prettier! Take it out for a spin - you might learn something new about Shoreline while you're there.

IMPORTANT: The site has a new URL, and (as of 8am, Nov 1st) the old one no longer seems to be functioning at all. So if you've bookmarked the old site, you get nothing, and Google is still returning the old (non-functioning) address.

I'm surprised they haven't kept the old URL at least for awhile and had it auto-forward to the new URL. At any rate, the new URL is

Link to Shoreline's new website

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