Friday, November 21, 2008

Improvements to Ronald Bog Park and Meridian Park School

Meridian Park School
Meridian Park School

Ronald Bog Park

Ronald Bog Park

As you may know, Meridian Park Neighborhood Association (MPNA) has had many weeding and landscaping work parties at Ronald Bog Park. More than 40 yards of invasive blackberries were removed from Ronald Bog park in late August. You can now see the water, turtles,
frogs, ducks, and other birds on a daily basis. Approximately 100 appropriate plants and trees have been planted at the bog. That project is being led by Master Gardener Dick Decker.

There have also been monthly work parties at Meridian Park School with the neighborhood association and the PTA working together. This has resulted in most of the flower beds being weeded and the 6 beds in the parking lot weeded, barked and planted. That project is usually lead by David Drummond and Bob Pacunski and aided by members of the Meridian Park Neighborhood Association under Chairperson Gretchen Atkinson & her board. The MPNA wrote the grant that paid for all of the plants going into both the Bog and the School.

Now there is an expansion of the Ronald Bog project being carried out by Eagle Scout Candidate Victor Casarez. He and 14 other scouts and adults started removing blackberries from the north end of the lake below the bus stop shelter. They will be there again this Saturday from 9am to noon. Once the blackberries are removed that group will also be planting trees and native plants, many of which will be furnished through the neighborhood association.

(This information was sent to us by Gretchen Atkinson. Thanks Gretchen!)

Link to see more photos of the work being done at Ronald Bog Park

Link to see more photos of the work being done at Meridian Park School

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