Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is there a jail in Shoreline's future? Maybe.

Map of proposed jail site in Shoreline

Some info from the City's website:

King County has announced that after 2012 there will no longer be space to house Shoreline’s or any other local cities’ inmates in the County’s facilities. This is due to the County’s projected increase in the felony population.

Consequently, all cities that contract with the county must replace those jail beds. Rather than plan for dozens of small, inefficient jails, Shoreline joined other cities in North and East King County to address the problem, with the five largest cities (Shoreline, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and Seattle) leading the group. The feasibility study by a consultant showed that building and operating one large jail was more cost-effective than two small jails. For Shoreline, the difference in cost would potentially be over $1million per year.

One of the six sites is in Shoreline at 2545 NE 200th Street. Three sites in Seattle, one in unincorporated east King County, and one in Bellevue are the remaining five sites.

The Shoreline site was identified because the property is large enough, publicly-owned and available, does not require any parties to be displaced and is near regional transportation

There will be a public forum about this from 6-9pm on Thursday, Dec. 11 at Shoreline Community College.

Link to more information at the City of Shoreline's website

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What do think? Are you for a jail in Shoreline? Why or why not? Feel free to chime in and share your thoughts with your neighbors via the COMMENTS link below.


  1. How can this space in Shoreline be "available"? This is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood with families that have small children. The jail site will be lowering the property values of all who live near.

  2. Last weekend a group of us from the Living Wisdom School went out to the neighboring homes that are located directly next door to the purposed jail site. We had many conversation with the local residents. We handed out over 85 fliers to the community.
    Only two out of 40 homes that I visited were in favor of this.
    This is in a residential neighborhood and the land is in question is used by families,group sporting clubs, home owners in the area, nearby schools and residents who live all around this area. I know many from Lake Forrest Park, Shoreline, Lynnwood and Mount Lake Terrace that use this facility. What is wrong with keeping it as a city park? It is a beautiful piece of land. Please don't build a jail in the middle of a a thriving residential neighborhood!