Thursday, November 6, 2008

Google's "Street View" comes to Shoreline - CONTEST!

Ronald Bog park on Google Street View

Google has now added the Street View feature to the Puget Sound part of its Google Maps site, giving us the ability to look at local areas online as if we were standing there in person! The fleet of Google camera cars cruised around the greater Seattle area over the summer, and now the data is available for us to see. To look at the street view of any area, go to Google Maps, and click on the "Street View" icon in the upper right corner. Streets with Street View will show up in blue. To see the actual street view, just click wherever you want on those streets.

It's potentially hours of fun, looking for your house or workplace. Here at the Ronald Bog blog, we've decided to hold a little contest, complete with a prize which you, the readers, will vote on!

Here's how to enter: in Google's Street View, find the most interesting image of Shoreline, take a screenshot, and email it to the address you will find under "Contact" at the top of the blog. Or, you can click here to email us.

We'll take submissions until Friday, November 14th, and then we'll post all the submissions for you to vote on. The winner will receive an actual prize(!) (nothing extreme, but something you can use).

You might be asking yourself, "What could be interesting about shots taken from a car?" Well, you'd be surprised. Here and here are galleries of some interesting shots taken by Google cars, including topless sunbathers, a giant pumpkin, and even a Roman soldier. I can't promise that Shoreline will be as interesting, but I found a few fun views:

The Crista Ministries building; looks like the Google Car drove all the way up the driveway.

Remember the Swingin' Summer Eve festival we blogged about? The car caught it setting up one day!

Here's the 155th Street boundary to Shoreline:

Ok, folks! Go see what you can find! You might even see yourself, or someone you know! Send us those screenshots and we'll post them here on the blog to vote on!

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