Friday, October 22, 2010

City of Shoreline wants your photos

From the City of Shoreline website:

Have you ever seen an image and wished you had a camera to capture it? Whether it’s a person, wildlife, landscapes, or unique places, there are scenes that we wished we could’ve captured and shared with others. 

Here’s your opportunity to photograph images of Shoreline and share them with the community.

We’re looking for images that exemplify “Our Shoreline.” Your “Our Shoreline” photos may fall into one or more categories including: People; Animals and Wildlife; Nature and Landscapes; and Places (examples include parks, trails, storefronts, etc.). 

Submitted photos may be featured in an issue of Currents (the City’s monthly newsletter,) the Parks and Recreation Guide, the City’s government access TV channel, or the City’s website.

Find out how to submit your photo here:


  1. Are you insterested in historical photos?

  2. Walking Liberty: Thanks!

    Anonymous: I don't know if the City specifically wants historical photos, but I'd love to display some here on this website if you have some to share! Email to