Monday, October 25, 2010

Volunteer to help improve Ronald Bog Park

Dick Decker says:

We had a great turnout Sat. 10/23/10 for our blackberry removal and
planting of native plants.

We had Daisy Brownies Troop 4001 and parents, Shorewood High School
students as well as our core volunteers Ron Post and Terry Roche for a
total of 12 hardy souls dig blackberry roots and plant Sword fern,
Vine maple, Redwood sorrel, False-Lily-of-the-Valley,Youth on Age,
Fringecup, Goatsbeard, Blackcap raspberry,Salmonberry, Evergreen
huckleberry and Flowering red-currant.

We have more clearing to do and more plants to put in the ground so we
have work parties planned each Wed. 9 to 11 and Saturdays 11/6/10 and

Come join the party and watch the changes occuring at Ronald Bog.

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  1. Hello Bernard. I couldn't find an e-mail address so I thought I would just put this in a comment.

    Sound Transit is starting to study the north Link alignment (from Northgate the Lynnwood) and I wrote about the three possible alignments today ( the Seattle Transit Blog. Both us at the blog and Sound Transit would love to hear from local residents. As this process start to take off we'll be increasing our coverage of events. We have been covering East Link very closely and would like to do to do the same for the north end. It would be great to have local bloggers plugged in, providing a local perspective.

    Adam Parast
    Seattle Transit Blog
    Associate Editor