Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Demolition at 175th and Midvale
is making way for City Hall

Demolition is underway at 175th and Midvale (across from Walgreens and TOP). They're making way for the "Civic Center / City Hall Project."

Shoreline City Manager Bob Olander says this about the project:

"This is an exciting time for all of us with benefits for both staff and residents. The design will not only help us provide services more efficiently but will provide better access and multiple uses to the community. For example, the parking structure could be used for a farmers market on weekends and the Council chambers opening onto the courtyard could be used for concerts. We hope it will be a focal point that brings the community together."

Really? A farmers market? Concerts? Sounds good to me!


Bye bye now.


This "conceptual" drawing is from the City's website.

Link to: City of Shoreline webpage with much more info about the project

Link to: An online survey about the project (Shoreline wants your input)

Link to: FAQ sheet about the project (pdf)

Link to: PowerPoint presentation about the project

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