Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gods of the Night:
Aerial Dance Show July 25 & 26

The Cabiri Aerial Dance show, Gods of the Night, is happening this weekend (July 25 and 26, 2008) at the Shorecrest Performing Arts Center in Shoreline.

Here's some information sent to me by Amanda Frank, one of the Cabiri performers:

In a unique blend of European cirque and classic storytelling theater, this production invites audiences to steep themselves in tales both glorious and tragic drawn from ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

The production will be presented in three sections: Prayers to the Gods of Night, The Planets, and Descent of Inanna. Highlights of the show include nimble, powerful aerial dance depictions of celestial deities Shamash (Sun), Sin (Moon), Ishtar (Venus) and Nergal (Mars). The epic Descent of Inanna features a cast of 40 dancers and an appearance by Ereshkigal, Queen of the Sumerian Underworld. Each piece in the production will feature athletic, entrancing performances on a variety of aerial apparatus including trapeze, tissu, hoop, sling, and harness.

Sounds pretty cool!

Where: Shorecrest Performing Arts Center (15343 25th AVE NE., Shoreline)
When: July 25th at 8pm, July 26th at 2pm, July 26th at 8pm

Link to: purchase tickets (at Brown Paper Tickets)

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