Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hotwire Coffee in North City now serving beer & wine

Hotwire North: 17551 15th Avenue NE, Shoreline

Local coffeehouse, Hotwire, announced in a recent newsletter that they now serve beer and wine, as well as coffee, snacks and WiFi. They have outdoor seating for those nice days we've been having recently; perfect for people-watching on 15th. And inside, you can use their computers to surf online, or watch one of the bands that sometimes perform there. Hotwire even has their own MySpace page.

Hotwire: Now Serving Beer & Wine

Hotwire often has live music on Friday and Saturday evenings

Click here to get a coupon you can use at Hotwire to get a second beer or wine at half price. The coupon is valid
through Sunday, 7/27. Tell them you got it from the Ronald Bog Blog!

So, readers, what's your favorite coffee around town? Your favorite watering hole? Do you like the idea of coffee and alcohol both available at the same location? Drop a note in the comments section below (just click where it says "Comments") and share your thoughts.


  1. Hotwire's where I go for coffee, because I live just down the street. It used to be pretty darn bad. They inspired this comment on Metafilter:

    But they have new owners since then, and now they're great. Very friendly, clean bathrooms, and they never run out of coffee.

    For drive-through coffee, I go to the one on the northwest corner of 145th and 15th. Espresso Shack? Something like that. The brown one by the Scientologists, not the yellow one or the Starbucks. They're cheap and friendly.

  2. I like the little trailer on 185th and 10th, all by itself in No man's Land. Near the North City LawnMower Repair. $10 to sharpen your lawnmower!!

  3. I always forget about that little place at 185th & 10th. It is sort of in the middle of nowhere! Thanks for mentioning it, anonymous.

    Sara, are you thinking of Java Jane's?

  4. Further research reveals that I'm thinking of Coffee Shack, across 15th Ave from Java Jane's. (Java Jane's is fine, but I like the treats at the Coffee Shack more.)