Thursday, July 31, 2008

Review: PetsEnergy pet store, next to Central Market

With a dog and two cats, all spoiled, it's been our habit to visit the two local Mud Bay Granary stores when we need pet supplies. We still do when in the area, but recently I noticed a new shop in the strip of businesses that border Central Market. It's called Pets Energy, and besides being a very convenient stop when we're shopping next door for groceries, it's also a pleasant place to visit.

The shop is small, and not as large or as well-stocked as some of the more well-known pet stores in the area, but any deficiencies are made up for by the cordiality of the proprietors. They often bring their happy, floppy basset hounds to sit on their own couch in the store and greet customers' dogs, and while mutual dog butt-sniffing is in progress, the owners will chat with you about your own pets' needs. They're very helpful and knowledgeable about the foods they carry, and are responsive if you have a special request. My own pup is crazy for squeaky tennis balls; I mentioned it once, and the next week, there were plenty in stock, specially ordered for us.

Pets Energy carries the better brands of food, including gluten-free, organic, and hypoallergenic varieties, as well as a small selection of toys and chewables. While the foods run a bit higher in price than Mud Bay's offerings, the natural bones (filled with some kind of doggie-beloved goop) are the cheapest I've seen.

So if you're shopping at Central and just remembered that you need some kibble, you might give Pets Energy a try. There's even a cigar shop next door, in case you need some people treats (should those be to your taste).

Do you have a favorite pet supply store? Would you rather visit a local store, drive a bit farther for your pet stuff, or order online? You can leave a comment below (no account is needed).

Link to: Mud Bay Granary

Link to: Pets Energy


  1. I usually buy our food for our 3 spoiled cats at Mud Bay or All the Best. This place is defiantly closer to my house, so I'll be stopping by.
    I prefer to do my shopping close to home, and I try to only shop at stores that don't sell live animals.

  2. Agreed, Velvet; I couldn't support a business that buys from puppy mills.