Monday, July 14, 2008

Mystery sign: Why the clearcut of trees?

Here's a little mystery; this sign is tacked to a pole next to Shoreline's Berean Bible Church. "Why the clearcut of trees? Ask your pastor. [sad face]".

What trees could the mystery note-writer be referring to? There doesn't appear to have been extensive tree-chopping done recently around 185th and 1st near the church. A cursory Google search doesn't link pastor Jim Shemaria with any logging operations. There aren't all that many trees on the Berean grounds, true, but the note-writer is a little tardy if that's his or her gripe, since whatever forestation was once there was probably removed when the church was built.

So what is this little note about? Any ideas? Has anyone asked the pastor, and what response was given?

If you know, please make a remark in the comments section. You don't need an account to comment, so if you're in on this controversy, you can remain anonymous.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know anything about the "controversy", but I did see workers cutting down trees there a week or so ago on the south side of the parking lot on 1st Ave.