Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Artwork chosen for Shoreline's new City Hall

Leo Burk's concept

Artists Linda Beaumont and Leo Saul Berk have been chosen to create artwork for Shoreline's new City Hall.

Linda Beaumont's proposal is a four-story mural painted onto the building's facade. It's calledLimelight and was inspired by the light that glows when the pale yellow blossoms of Shoreline's native dogwoods open during the spring bloom.

Leo Berk's design is a suspended sculpture in the building's main lobby which includes 14 independent shapes that coalesce into one intricate form as a visual metaphor for Shoreline's neighborhoods. The sculpture will be visible at night through the building's glass curtain wall that faces the intersection of Midvale Avenue N and N 175th.

Shoreline's new City Hall is scheduled to open by fall of 2009.

(info above adapted from 4Culture website)

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