Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tonight's free comedy show features Jesse Case of Last Comic Standing

Remember, there's free comedy every Thursday night at Laughing Ladies Cafe!

Barbara Sehr writes to say: we have a fantastic show for this Thursday's Laughing Ladies comedy night at 7:30 pm.

Headlining the 200th Birthday celebration for Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, we have a survivor of the first round of NBC's Last Comic Standing during the summer of 2008. Jesse Case will help you evolve into a laughing frenzy as he proves that only the fittest jokes survive.

Faye Canale, a recent arrival from the Land of Lincoln brings her own brand of comedy from the streets of Chicago. Ron Placcone, a funny guy from Pittsburgh, joins the evening's merriment.

Link to Laughing Ladies Cafe

Link to Barbara Sehr

Link to Jesse Case

Here's a video of Faye Canale performing in Chicago last year

Couldn't find a webpage for Ron Placcone. Ron, if you have one, send us the link!

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