Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Restoring wetlands at Paramount Park

I recently met with Shoreline Councilmember Janet Way at Shoreline's Paramount Park. She showed me around the park (the southern, more "natural" part of the park, not the part where the skate park is) and told me about a neighborhood group she's been working with for 20 years to restore the park and it's wetlands. It's a truly lovely place. There's an open field, some trails, and a couple of ponds. And there's a really cool old tractor totally embedded in trees that have grown through it. This park is well worth visiting if you've not been there before.

Here are a few photos I took at Paramount Park. Click the link below for even more photos.

Shoreline Councilmember Janet Way

Link to photos of Paramount Park

Link to Shoreline City Council page (to learn more about Janet)

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  1. It is a fantastic space. I frequently go there to take pictures or just have a quiet bit in my day.