Friday, February 27, 2009

Meridian Park police activity; further info

We were walking our dog and a police officer stopped to tell us to watch for a man who had been seen knocking on doors in the Meridian Park area. She described him as a "light-skinned black man" and said he had knocked on doors possibly asking for a coat.

According to "ChangoDog" on Twitter (senior producer at KING TV), "Police say suspect escaped in Shoreline this morning. Apparently the vehicle has been involved in drug-related crimes before."

There were reporters near the intersection of 183rd and Ashworth this morning, and there is some debris still on the road just north of there from what appears to have been a car collision.

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  1. I live on 190th & Wallingford, and it was quite lively here at 3:45 am. The police were shining spotlights into my back yard, and it looks like they may have had a dog search my front yard.

    Time for a nap!