Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Historic building in Richmond Beach: The Crawford Store (1922)

This building is located at 2411 NW 195th Place in Shoreline. The top photo (from HistoryLink.org) is from 1937. The bottom photo (which I took) is from 2009.

Here's what HistoryLink has to say about this building:

The Crawford Store is the last intact retail building in the historic Richmond Beach business district. John Holloway, an early resident of Richmond Beach, built the two story structure in 1922. The building, with a large covered front porch, faces the road that once led to the railroad depot. Langford and Eva Crawford were the first in a long line of shopkeepers who operated the store and lived in the apartment upstairs.

Link to HistoryLink.org (see a photo of the Crawford Store from 1957)

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  1. I used to ride my bike down to Richmond Beach in the early '60's and would buy penny candy at this store.
    The ride down the hill was fun. Going back up- not so much on a 1-speed bike...