Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caucus day in Shoreline!

Because I work for the local media, I have been strongly encouraged by my news director to not participate in today's caucus, to avoid any appearance of bias on the part of our news organization (because one must publicly declare their allegiance at the caucus). So I'm not at the caucus. But the caucus locations for both Republicans and Democrats are right down the street from where I live, so I took a stroll down there to see what was happening and man, what a scene! I've never seen such activity on a dreary Saturday afternoon. Cars are parked all up and down all the sidestreets. And even at 1:20pm people were still looking for parking spaces and walk-running up to the doors of the caucus sites. (the caucuses were scheduled to start at 1pm) Such excitiment! The GOP is holding their caucus at the Aurora Church of the Nazarene. The Democrats are holding theirs at Meridian Park Elementary School. These locations are directly across the street from one another. And let me reiterate: GOP in a church, Dems in a school. Funny, huh? Anyway, I took a few photos. Enjoy.

I don't know if you can tell, but these folks are in a rush.

The Republican caucus is being held in a church.

Seen in the parking lot at the GOP caucus.

Seen in the parking lot at the GOP caucus. Huckabee! How will he fare today, I wonder?

As amazing as it might seem, this was seen in the parking lot of the GOP caucus. I reckon this car belongs to a Ron Paul supporter.

Here's where the Democratic caucus is happening. Obama sign. No sign of Hillary signs.

This is Tim. He was standing on the corner at 175th and Meridian with his Obama sign.

These folks stopped to ask Tim how to get a sign like his. Tim said they have been in great demand for weeks and there are no more available. Then he told these people they better hurry up and get inside or they were going to be late (which they already were, technically)

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