Saturday, February 9, 2008

Did you caucus?

Did you caucus today? If so, let us all know what it was like. Where did you go? How did you feel when got there? How were you treated? Who did you caucus for? Was there much lobbying? How did it all pan out? Who did you caucus for? Who came out ahead at your location? Shoreline wants to know!!


  1. I wanted to caucus. I really did.
    I had to work and when I got back we all walked down to the school (Pippin he wanted to caucus too) to cast our vote. I was undecided and was still mulling this over as we walked the entire way around the school and found no way in. Apparently you could only do this from 1-3:45 (we were there at 4:30) Why? This is hardly a system that can accommodate varying schedules. I am feeling a bit ticked off. See, I wanted to caucus but the system wouldn't let me. Since both campaigns have called me numerous times in the last few days ( It actually says " Clinton, Hillary" on the caller ID) and begged me to go- and I didn't. I feel like I wasn't counted and it bugs me to not do what I said I was going to do. So no, I didn't caucus. But I tried.

  2. I'd originally written this on the Stranger's blog, then saw your post there. So here you go:

    It was very crowded at Briarcrest Elementary School, in Shoreline. Hot and stuffy, but fairly well-organized. After the hectoring round, my neighborhood ended up having 4 delegates for Obama and 1 for Clinton.

    The speaker at the beginning messed up the Pledge of Allegiance (which cracked up the room). Oh, that would've made a good news clip for the Republicans. Everything they say about Democrats is true!