Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shoreline's new environmentally friendly recycling station

King County issued a news release today. Here's a couple of quotes and a link to the original:

Shoreline area residents will soon drop off their garbage at arguably the most environmentally friendly recycling and solid waste facilities in the nation and a model for what King County hopes to accomplish in green building at all its facilities.

  • A roof-top rainwater harvesting system collects water to wash station floors and equipment, and to flush toilets. This reduces water needs by 57 percent, saving 254,000 gallons of drinking water every year.
  • The facility uses natural daylight as the primary light source through the translucent wall panels and overhead skylights, reducing energy costs by 50 percent a year.
  • A natural ventilation system pushes air through the building, reducing energy needs for ventilation by 80 percent.
The entire news release is here
More images here
Radio story from KUOW 94.9 here

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