Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bald Eagle soaring over Shoreline today

I was walking past Ronald Bog this morning at about 10:30, when I noticed this bald eagle soaring above me! It would circle around a few times then fly off a bit and circle again then fly off a bit then circle again. It seemed to be working very methodically, going almost street by street. Looking for prey perhaps? Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool. I kept hoping it would swoop down closer so I could get a really good photo, but this is the best I could do. Have you seen bald eagles in Shoreline? If so, when and where?


  1. Yes! We don't live far from the Bog and we had one in a tree in our front yard one day. It was in the summer, and we were in the back yard, when suddenly we heard a ton of crows calling from a tree in the front. We went to check and see what they were up to, when suddenly a bald eagle shot out of the tree, with a dozen or more crows on his tail!

  2. There is a pair of bald eagles that appears regularly around Briarcrest Elementary School. I also see a pair sometimes around the 520 bridge. I know that's not in Shoreline, but it's still pretty cool. :)

  3. There are SEVERAL bald eagles in and around 145th. We have seem them playing in the canopy in our neighborhood (Westminster Triangle) three or four times now. I believe we have seen now 5 individuals.