Monday, February 25, 2008

The Interurban Trail through Shoreline

The Interurban Trail now passes all the way through Shoreline (as of September 2007). Coming up from the south, it pretty much runs alongside Highway 99 until it reaches N. 185th St., at which point it jogs east a bit then runs along the east edge of Echo Lake. Then at 200th it goes even further east before it runs up into Snohomish County.

Here are a few photos I took last week. The Interurban Trail plaque in Shoreline (and the bench next to it) and the view from that bench. There is a photo of the view straight ahead and a short video panorama of the view panning from north to south.

The plaque - set in stone!

And you thought there weren't any sidewalks in Shoreline! :)
This photo is looking south.

A bench conveniently located next to the plaque-stone.

The view from the bench. Scenic, eh?

Panorama view from the bench next to the plaque in the stone.
We start out looking north then pan to the south.

More info about the Shoreline section of the Interurban Trail is here.

A map of the Interurban Trail is here (pdf)

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