Monday, June 16, 2008

ALERT: No Tomatoes in Composting Bins

Currently posted to the City of Shoreline's website (as of June 16 2008):

"No Tomatoes in Composting or Recycling"

Due to the presence of salmonella in some of the tomato supply, put raw red tomatoes and products containing them in the garbage, not in the curbside yard waste and food scrap collection cart, backyard composting bin or worm bin until further notice.

Click here for more information from the US Food and Drug Administration about the salmonella warning for tomatoes.

Link to: City of Shoreline

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  1. With health safety and security such a vital part of our daily lives and the lives of our children we need to focus on the precautions that save lives and the lives, health and welfare of our families, we need to vote McCain into office because of the safety standards he readily represents, we need to teach and ENSURE proper sanitation and washing procedures to our industries from the entry-level workers on up and we need to preserve safe and secure food distribution and storage for all of the points on our food supply networks. Without these proper and vital elements of our daily food production and distribution industry we are opening ourselves up for increasing occurences of this terrifying indignity and magnitude.