Sunday, June 22, 2008

Car show at the Shoreline Historical Museum

These photos were taken Saturday June 21st, in the parking lot of the Shoreline Historical Museum. they call it: "The History of Racing on Aurora"

It's the Shoreline Historical Musuem's annual outdoor 'Golden Wheels' exhibit of local historic race cars.

This was the first thing on display, right at the front of the lot.
It didn't really seem to fit the theme.

Spinning yarns, no doubt

Groovy old skool controls

The Mighty Solar Midget

Cute, eh?

John Zink Special

This sign is describing the car in the next photo

William Clay Ford's midget race car

This little guy has 3 wheels (only 1 in the back) and is covered in leather!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry to have missed that!

  2. Yeah, I would have posted something about it ahead of time, but I wasn't aware of it myself. Just happened to be passing by that day.

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