Saturday, June 28, 2008

Geoffrey Castle performs at Shoreline Arts Festival

I wanted to edit this video down to just the violin solo so that it would be a small enough file that I could upload it directly to the blog. For a variety of reasons involving undesireable things going on with my computer and camera, I was unable to do that. So I've posted the video to YouTube and am embedding it here. I would have preferred to upload it directly to the blog because I find the video quality to be better. I've noticed lately that my newer videos on YouTube don't look as good as my older ones. Not sure what that's all about (although I've noticed lately an option to "watch in high quality" beneath YouTube videos). Whatever.

Anyway, this is local musician Geoffrey Castle performing "Little Wing" at the Shoreline Arts Festival on Saturday, June28, 2008. The violin solo kicks in at about 1:40. Enjoy!

Link to: this same video on YouTube

Link to: Geoffrey playing a Beatles medley (also at Shoreline Arts Festival 2008)

Link to: Geoffrey Castle's website

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