Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New public art coming to Echo Lake park

I noticed this a couple of days ago at Echo Lake park.
"What is that?" I wondered.

Perhaps a giant potsticker?

Here's a view from the other side.

Nope, not a giant potsticker after all.
By golly, it's art!

And a close up of the artist's concept.

I sent a note to Ros Bird with the City of Shoreline to see if he she could give me any further information about the project. Here's a slightly edited version of his her response:

Stuart Nakamura is the artist on this project having been selected through an open call and jury process about a year ago. Funding for the $20,000 commission is through the City of Shoreline’s 1% for Art Program and a City of Shoreline Neighborhood Mini-Grant to the Echo Lake Neighborhood Association. The installation will include seating as a place to reflect, read, chat with friends and view a bit of the lake, and will be visible from the trail as well as other parts of the park. It will be bermed in the back and have a couple of small lights embedded for nighttime security as well as ambience. Other materials are concrete, granite and steel. If the weather cooperates we expect the artwork to be completed in July.

Link to: More info about Stuart Nakamura

Link to: Another page about Nakamura, including photos of some of his other work.


  1. Very cool! It kind of looks like a very large order of fries to me...or maybe I need some lunch. Thanks for looking into this.

  2. Ros Bird is actually a she. She was the former director of the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Arts Council and now administers public art projects for the City.

  3. Oh, thanks! I'll correct that.