Thursday, June 12, 2008

How can this blog be made better?

First of all, thanks for reading this blog. And extra thanks to all of you who leave you thoughts and feedback in the comments sections. "Ronald Bog" is made more valuable and useful by every person that contributes.

So I ask you: what would you like to see here? I've been posting things that I find interesting and that I think other people might be interested in, and it's been working out pretty well (I think). But if there's something in particular you'd like to see here, let me know! Anything Shoreline related is welcome. Restaurant reviews? Information about local parks? More coverage of local government? More Shoreline history? Entertainment options? More photos?

You probably have ideas I haven't even thought of. Please leave a comment with your ideas. Let me know how I've been doing and how I can do better. I would really appreciate it!

Also, if you ever have an idea or a contribution, please send it to me. I'll post your reviews of local businesses, ruminations on life in Shoreline, commentaries, photos, etc. What'd'ya got? Send it along!


  1. Restaurant reviews!

    Reviews of some of those weird shops along Aurora.

  2. I like Sara's idea. Maybe I'll send some in too.

    I appreciate your articles about things going on in Shoreline, like the dog park issue in the last one. (I hope you'll let us know how that turns out, for those of us too lazy to track down the info ourselves.)

    I'm always interested in new businesses in town; sometimes you don't know if a new restaurant or shop opens unless you happen to drive past. Also, "what's being built on that spot" is one of my favorite local topics, being the curious person that I am.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. You may not get a lot of comments, but I know others are out there reading quietly!

  3. Oh yeah: I've always wondered why you don't call it "Ronald Blog." :)

  4. Sara and Sonya,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on some amateur restaurant reviews and see about scoping out some of those weird shops along Aurora as well. Don't have any info yet about the dog park proposal, but I'll post what I find out. Oh, and Sonya, it's funny - I actually considered "Ronald Blog" but I was afraid I would eventually grow tired of the joke and end up regretting it. :)

    And of course, y'all can feel free to send stuff to me to post as well. If you see something interesting or have a good or bad restaurant experience, etc, just type something up and email it to me. And the next time you go for a walk in your neighborhood, take your camera along - you never know what you might stumble across.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  5. As successful operators of a local news site that started as a blog (we still have "blog" in our name but our site really isn't one any more), we have one phrase for you:


    Your Craiglist post suggests you are sincerely interested in building and serving an audience. Frequency of posts will do the same. There is SO MUCH TO SAY ... not just what you are thinking, but what you are seeing in your neighborhood, what signs just went up, businesses coming and going, traffic projects ... If you start writing more often, you will find that you have even more to say. Good luck!

  6. I stumbled on this blog several weeks ago. I've already learned fun things about our community on this blog. I think it's an awesome way to bring Shoreliners together in a time when community is so hard to build. (ah the internet, bith connecting and dividing us, but thats another topic)

    I'd love to see restaraunt reviews, local activities, and community service opprotunities. And maybe a section for reviewing weird shops, not just the ones on Aurora but all over.

    Like does anyone know whats up with that Kitty Hugs Bakery place on 15th by Leena's Cafe. Is it an actual bakery, a pet bakery, perhaps a bakery that bakes animals? I've been meaning to check it out myself for years.

    I'll be keeping my eyes open and my camera on. :)

  7. Velvet, I've been to Kitty Hugs bakery, and it was GOOD. They are just a tiny bakery, which caters mostly to retail stores, but are open some hours with a small but delectable selection of baked goods.

  8. Sonya, perhaps you'd consider writing a little review?

  9. Sure, I can do that. Let me hunt up the little menu I picked up when we were there and I'll post later today.