Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on Off-Leash Dog Park(s)

The City of Shoreline has updated their website with new information about the "Off-Leash Dog Areas (OLDA) Pilot Project" There were 38 sites looked at originally as possibilities for off-leash dog parks in Shoreline. Those 38 sites were whittled down to 14 that met the necessary criteria, and then further whittled down to the 6 "most promising" sites. And it looks like the city is considering multiple off-leash dog parks in Shoreline.

The 6 sites chosen as "most promising" are at the following locations:

  • Richmond Beach Saltwater Park
  • North City Park
  • Aldercrest Annex
  • Hamlin Park
  • A parking lot at Shoreline Community College
  • Open Space at Metro Transit's North Base
The "OLDA" study group will take public comment throughout the summer of 2008 on these proposed sites, select pilot sites, improve those sites as needed and actually implement the pilot sites (for a 12 month test phase) in the spring of 2009.

The City's website has lots more information and links to pdf files with maps of the sites in question, as well as a FAQ sheet, history of the project, and more.

Link to:
The City's webpage with updated info about the project

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