Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update: Will they ever finish putting up this building?

This was taken on April 27th, 2008

This was taken on June 21st, 2008

Also taken on June 21st, 2008

It's been almost 2 months since I posted a photo of this building under construction at Midvale and 185th (right near Bartell's and the police station)
This morning, Velvet commented on the original post:
"I drove by this building in training yesterday and there were some men doing something to the outside...
It's the first time in months I've seen any workmen at all. Perhaps there will be progress soon?"
Upon learning that there had been some work going on, I decided to go back and take another picture to compare "then and "now". The results are above. I have to say, although it doesn't look exactly like it did 2 months ago, it sure doesn't look a whole lot different either.
Maybe they've been working on the inside.

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