Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Comedy Night at Hotwire Coffee Shop: Dec 11th at 7:30pm

This cat is supposed to be laughing. :)

There is a fourth dimension of entertainment, beyond the morning drama and the dinner hour. It is a dimension as vast as our need for change we can believe in, as timeless as stories regarding religious officiators entering a drinking establishment. Something insightful, something delightful, something pretty, something witty... yes, COMEDY on a Thursday night!

This first-of-its kind holiday-season event launches what is expected to become a regular series of Thursday night performances at Hotwire. The Thursday night shows will feature many professionals that have performed at Seattle's Comedy Underground, Giggles, and Laughs in Kirkland.

The show will be hosted by Seattle-based comedian, Barbara Sehr, who has appeared on local stages, local television, and at clubs in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Atlanta.

Link to more info at the Lifting the Frog Website

Link to Hotwire Coffee

Photo by imranchaudhry via Flickr

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