Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it snow (but stay safe!)

Santa visits Shoreline

Hi Shoreliners! How are you folks coping with our recent snowfall? Santa will still make it down our chimneys, of course, but has anyone had trouble getting to work?

The street that I live on is still icy, even though the main streets are well sanded and trouble-free. On Sunday night while we were out walking, we watched a car try to struggle up a nearby hill...and slide back down. We watched it do this three or four times, until it finally gave up and turned around in a driveway. As it did, we got close enough to see the car clearly, and it was a Shoreline police car! That road is still slick; I hoped someone at the police department would call the sanding trucks, but no.

How are the roads you live on or drive on around Shoreline? Have you noticed any problem areas, or places to avoid? Share your info in the comments area below (you can stay anonymous if you like) and let us know how you're coping with this weather. We've got more on the way, or so they say...!

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