Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Living Wisdom School vs. proposed Shoreline jail site

Beth Frymire with Living Wisdom School writes to say:

I'd like to bring attention to how we feel about the proposed jail site and the school that is VERY close to this site. We've been doing a lot of work to try and keep people informed and active here in Shoreline. Our private school is directly across the street from the proposed site and it is on property that the kids use frequently. They use the track for PE, the fields for nature activities and other play. Last week, we did a service project and cleaned up the rubbish in that area. We care about using that space to help our students learn. Some of our students understand what a jail across the street might mean for their safety, but the majority would be disappointed to lose the fields they love and use so much.

Living Wisdom School is located at 2800 NE 200th St. in Shoreline.

If you want to contact Beth, write to

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