Monday, December 22, 2008

Several Metro buses stuck on Shoreline roads

There are currently two Metro buses stuck at the intersection of N. 192nd and Wallingford Ave. N., shown here. One is a 358, and the other did not have its route sign on, so I'm not sure what it was. A bystander who lives in the area said that at least one bus had been there since 8 a.m.

As we approached, a Metro vehicle was coming up the road to assist (but it would clearly not be able to tow either bus).

One bus had lost a chain, and both are blocking the intersection, which has an oval-shaped roundabout, making it effectively impossible for cars to get through.

There was also at least one other bus stuck at the intersection of 185th and Hwy. 99, blocking 185th. People were forced to turn into the Bartell's/strip mall parking lot to get around the buses. A second bus, a block or so back, was also unable to get through.

You can see the stuck bus towards the left of this photo. We weren't able to see either bus route number.

All the side roads are still tough to navigate, though we did see a City of Shoreline snowplow on 180th at around 11 a.m. - still, it would be best to stay home if you can!

Link to Metro bus alert for Monday morning.


  1. Sonya-

    Sorry I missed you- I live on 190th & Wallingford. I went out to look for my paper this morning @ 6:00 am and there was a bus stuck there. Another at 190th & Meridian.
    If Wallingford is the alternate snow route for Metro, why isn't the street sanded/plowed? And WHY do these articulated busses try and negotiate that ridiculous traffic circle??

  2. I read that there have been other articulated buses stuck around the Seattle area too; maybe there just aren't enough non-articulated buses to go around? I don't know why they don't sand more, though.