Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now that Christmas is over...'s the perfect time to buy Christmas stuff! This is TOP Food and Drug in Shoreline. Many prices have been discounted 2 or 3 times. They really want to get rid of this stuff.

Your new best friend might be in this cart!

As long as you're buying chocolate kisses anyway... :)

Gifts for the pets

Elvis candy is appropriate year-round.
Stock up now!

By the way, TOP's parking lot is pretty clear. Wish I could say the same for the parking lot at the Shoreline Library. That thing is still a huge mess. I'm surprised they haven't had it plowed.

Oh, and one more thing about TOP - check this out: if you purchase an item and it rings up at a higher price than the posted price you get that item for free. Well, I'm assuming that's their policy based on what happened to me today. I bought some candy (on post-Christmas sale). It rang up a dollar higher than it should have. When I talked to the person at customer service, she refunded not just the extra dollar, but the entire purchase price! Now that's what I call good customer service.

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  1. Hi great Blog! How about a little "punch" for those folks at the Shoreline Safeway (175th) that have plowed their parking lot so we cold get in and out with out getting stuck! Now "I" thought that was a great service to its customers!