Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're raising money for the foodbank. Won't you join us?

UPDATE: See photos of this event by clicking here

In the spirit of the holidays, we here at the Ronald Bog blog are going to sing for an hour at the TOP Foods in Shoreline on Dec 13th at 5pm (mark your calendar!). The deal is - we sing for an hour and TOP will donate $50 to the local foodbank. So we thought "how can we not do that?" And you're invited to join us! Don't worry if you can't sing. We're not taking it particularly seriously and, frankly, we're not great singers - we just want to raise some money for the needy. We plan to sing mostly well known pop songs and show tunes (suggestions welcome!) and I'm going to print out lyric sheets. If you're free and want to join the fun, just show up. No rehearsal required! :)

Don't want to sing? No problem - you can still come by just to show your support and listen and say hi. We'd love to meet you!

Happy Holidays!
Bernard and Sonya


  1. I would totally join you guys but I have a prior commitment. I hope it goes well... and fun! And Kudo's to you for doing this.

  2. Excellent! I'll try to drop by.