Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free electronics recycling begins January 1, 2009

This modern life is fantastic, but of course produces a lot of electronic waste. Old TVs, computers, etc, contain hazardous chemicals and need to be disposed of responsibly. Doing that is going to get a little easier on January 1st, thanks to the WA State Dept. of Ecology's E-Cycle program.

From a press release:

Washington residents looking to safely get rid of old computers and TVs can do so for free when a new statewide recycling program begins next year.

A state law that starts Jan. 1 allows consumers to bring unwanted computer monitors, laptops and TVs to 200 permanent collection sites at no charge.

The Washington law passed in 2006 was the first to require manufacturers to be responsible for recycling electronic waste, which end up in the landfill and can seep lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals into the environment.

Much more information about the program, including drop-off locations at the E-Cycle website.

Link to E-Cycle Washington website

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