Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photos: We sing for the foodbank AND snow in Shoreline!

As you know, it snowed in Shoreline yesterday! Here are a few photos. The first 2 are from Jay, taken at South Woods in Shoreline. You can see more of his snow photos via the link below.

An snow angel at Cromwell Park

A tiny snow something

The photos below document Ronald Bog blog authors and supporters singing at TOP Foods in Shoreline last night. We "sang" for an hour and TOP donated $50 to the local foodbank. We had a lot of fun doing it!

Link to see more of Jay's photos of snow in Shoreline

Link to see more photos of Ronald Bog blog singing at TOP Foods

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  1. I just want to add that Eric from the TOP meat department (that's him in the last photo, wearing a white shirt and a tie) joined us for a couple of tunes and rocked the house. That guy can sing! Thanks for being so cool Eric! :)