Friday, January 23, 2009

The Everest Kitchen: Food from the top of the world

Interior of the Everest Kitchen restaurant

Not too long ago I (Bernard) posted to Twitter asking if anyone had any recommendations for vegetarian food in Shoreline. Among the replies was a recommendation for The Everest Kitchen, which serves Nepali, Tibetan and Indian food. That very night I decided to check it out. The lovely Julia and I ordered the food you see in the photos below. I can report that it was all delicious! Julia even reviewed our dessert over on her blog.

We also spoke with the owner, Mohan, about the business and to ask him about the food. He's a very friendly person who answered all of our many questions with pleasure. He's had the restaurant for several years, and he says he has a lot of regular customers (always a good sign!). I really enjoyed my experience at The Everest Kitchen and all of the food was fantastic. Whether you're carnivore or vegetarian, you should find something there to suit your fancy.

Oh, and The Everest Kitchen's website is well worth checking out. On the website Mohan lays out his philosophy of running a restaurant. It's a refreshing perspective. Here's a quote from the main page:

We see the food not only as dishes for you to enjoy but a form of medicine to soothe your mind, body and soul.

Here are some photos we took

Palungo Saag, Basmati Rice, and Vegetable Momo

Kulfee (Homemade cardamom, pistachio and cashew ice cream)

Mohan Gurung, owner

Link to The Everest Kitchen

Link to Julia's kulfi review at the Sweet Travel blog

Link to Jay Ferris at Twitter (thanks Jay, for the recommendation!)

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  1. Looks great! Will try it out this weekend!