Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free comedy at Hotwire North Thursday Jan 8th

Got this information from Barbara Sehr:

On Thursday, January 8, at 7:30 pm we begin a regular Thursday night comedy show at the Hotwire (soon to be the Laughing Ladies) Coffee Shop. For our first free show we present the fabulously funny Hawaiian comedian Kermet Apio, who has headlined across the country. Rounding out the show will be Jeanne Anne O'Brien, producer of the Ha Ha Sisterhood (a network of femalecomedians from all over the Northwest), Mike Cummings, a regular feature at Giggles Comedy Club, Bryley Hull, and Danielle Radford. Yours truly (Barbara Sehr) is hosting the night's festivities. Comedy will be a regular Thursday night feature at the North City coffeehouse, except for the third Thursday (when a monthly music event takesover).

So it looks like the Hotwire will soon be renamed the Laughing Ladies and will offer free comedy most Thursday nights. Comedy! For free! What could be better than that?

By the way, I'm aware of rumors that Hotwire is closing down. I've emailed the owner a couple of times to ask what's going on and have gotten no response (yet). And I don't see anything on their website. Perhaps it's a secret? If you know anything, please post to the comments section.

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  1. Updated information on the future of Hotwire: